A disruptive digital health company
in human fertility

With a novel approach to monitoring the uterine environment, VivoPlex can drastically change the dynamics of the fertility treatment sector




VivoPlex is a leader in real time and accurate intra-uterine monitoring for the optimisation of fertility treatment and uterine health. Its product is in development as the first insertable wireless device for the measurement of key uterine parameters in vivo. With the increased insight into uterine physiology provided by VivoPlex’s product, key opinion leaders believe it could become a gold-standard test in fertility clinics, improving current IVF success rates which remain low at 25-30%.

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“Oxygen, pH and temperature are amongst the master regulators of embryonic development and implantation. Hence being able to monitor these key physiological parameters is of utmost significance when it comes to determining the suitability of the environment within the female reproductive tract. The sensor technology developed by VivoPlex will also be invaluable in ensuring that the IVF laboratory is functioning optimally.”

Professor David K Gardner, FAA

Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor, Head, Reproductive Biology and ART Laboratories, School of BioSciences, The University of Melbourne Scientific Director Melbourne IVF part of Virtus Group

The VivoPlex product has the potential to
transform the success of fertility treatment



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