The VivoPlex product has successfully been through preclinical and human proof-of-concept studies (temperature-only prototype). The wireless power technology and data transmission were successful, with good safety data. Compelling new data confirming these results has been generated and is expected to be published in a scientific journal in due course.

Following on from this research, compelling proof of concept in humans has been demonstrated with a prototype (temperature only) VivoPlex product. In the 15-patient study, it was safe, well tolerated, operational for up to three days, and data was successfully transmitted.

Individual temperature data from 3 hours to 3 days

Human feasibility data

2015 study in 15 women for up to 3 days showed:

Safety and tolerability of a larger, temperature-only prototype.
Successful wireless power and data transmission.

Patterns of temperature variation and between patients merits further investigation.

Further clinical studies are in development.



Meet the team

“Knowledge of what a healthy womb environment looks like, and how it might be different in infertility, will be invaluable for improving treatment outcomes. Although it is still in development, we believe our wireless device has the potential to transform this area of medicine.”

Professor Ying Cheong

Professor in Reproductive Medicine at the University of Southampton,
Director & Co-Founder of VivoPlex


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