Three of the most influential factors in the uterine environment are pH, temperature and dissolved oxygen level, and successful embryo development requires them to be maintained at optimal levels.

The levels used in IVF procedures are based on extrapolated animal data rather than human data, as to date research in this area has been hampered by the lack of available technology.
The VivoPlex product provides the ability to analyse these factors in the uterus in real time over extended time periods, generating information to optimise IVF procedures and personalise treatment.

Its solution comprises an insertable monitor no bigger than an intra-uterine device (IUD or coil) plus a wearable in the form of washable, discreet briefs which provides wireless power to the device and transmits data to proprietary software for use by the fertility specialist. There is no need for invasive biopsies or long waits for data.

The insertable monitor consists of a sensor head to monitor oxygen, pH and temperature, and incorporates a series of proprietary technologies to guard against factors such as sensor drift and reference electrode instability. It is low-risk and biocompatible, similar to the IUDs used by 150 million women worldwide.

Around 12%

of women wishing to have a child are infertile.

The global market

for IVF treatments is expected to exceed $36bn by 2026 (10% CAGR) driven by factors such as the rising age at which women are having children and increasing disposable income.


Use of the VivoPlex product in their fertility treatment should increase patients’ understanding of what is happening in their body and reduce the stress of treatment.

a. Sensor head continuously monitors pH, oxygen and temperature

b. Microelectronic driving circuit controls the sensor head and data transfer

c. Antenna charges device and transmits data




Wireless and battery-free device, inserted using the same outpatient procedure as a standard IUD

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The VivoPlex device is protected by patents licensed exclusively from the University of Southampton as well as a growing portfolio of proprietary intellectual property.

Currently in clinical development, the product is expected to be launched first in Europe, followed by the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.



Meet the team

“This device and project will open the opportunity for clinicians to know more about changes in the womb. We can look at the changes with patients able to naturally conceive and patients with fertility challenges e.g. tubal dysfunction. This device will help us to establish what are the normal, healthy parameters for the embryo to implant. I’m looking forward to running trials in my clinics.”

Mr. Stuart Lavery,

MBBCh, MRCOG, MSc, Medical Director. Consultant at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust: Hammersmith, Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital. Medical Director of Hammersmith IVF, Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London


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